food access

Wholesale food donations, retail donations, institutional meal planning, lobbying and advocacy, and so much more - we work every week to make excellent local food available to everyone in Massachusetts.

 It's in our vision statement and we don't take it lightly. 

For nearly four years we partnered with Codman Square Neighborhood Council to distribute truckloads of food each year to families throughout Boston that needed it most. We delivered directly to homes, to aggregating centers, and to the neighborhood council directly. It was eye-opening work that helped develop our current perspective on Massachusetts' local food system and the many people who get left behind. In the end we donated over $100,000 worth of top-quality local food and received citations and awards from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, Massachusetts Senate, Massachusetts House of Representatives, and several members of Boston City Council. 

In 2023 we moved our focus to Lowell and began working directly with the Lowell Transitional Living Center to provide a tremendous amount of fresh food each week, along with careful and collaborative meal-planning that helped minimize food waste and maximize nutrition profiles.

Since we started our food access programming, we've worked the front lines of food insecurity and it's given us time to consider and reflect on the state of our humanity. Through it all one thing became clear: Way too many people live too close to the edge.