North of Boston is a diversified farm in Boxford, Massachusetts. We produce fresh food while maintaining focus on soil health and natural resource conservation.
North of Boston is USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service Farm #1675

We do not spray our crops. We have no pesticide licenses, and we don’t own a sprayer. We think it’s better to lose a crop and replant than to deal with poisons and nonsense.

We do not use herbicides. We use straw mulch, hand tools, mechanical cultivators, and ground fabric for weed control.

All our seeds and plants are non-GMO and sourced primarily from High Mowing Organics, Johnny’s Organics, and Holmes Seeds with preference always toward heirloom varieties.

We use manures, nitrogen-rich and organic fertilizers.

Animal Health
We don’t use antibiotics, growth hormones, or other shortcuts. Rather, we respect animals and raise them as our family has for generations - outdoors, in the sun, and on grass.

Soil Health
We maintain year-round cover crops to increase soil health, to increase our farm’s biodiversity, and to attract pollinators while providing a valuable corridor to surrounding conservation land.